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Agenda 10th July 2017 - Manor Vale Management Committee

Issued on 4th July 2017 for a meeting of the Manor Vale Committee to be held at 11am on 10th July 2017 at The Morside Room, 9 Church Street, Kirkbymoorside

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend

Photographing, recording, broadcasting or transmitting the proceedings of a meeting is permitted so long as this does not disrupt the meeting in any way. As a matter of courtesy should you wish to record the meeting please make this known to the Chair.

  1. To receive apologies for absence
  2. To receive Declarations of Interest in items on the agenda
  3. Minutes and Matters Arising
    1. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 23rd January 2017
    2. To consider matters arising
  4. Public Session - to allow members of the public to make representations, ask questions and give evidence in respect of any items of business.
  5. To review progress in maintenance activities guided by the review
  6. To review progress of the cornfield flower project at The Pound
    1. To note that the Pound has been sprayed, rotivated and seeded
    2. To note that the works have been started by the Scouts to construct a fence of stakes and willow wands
    3. To note that signage has been installed at The Pound detailing the Cornfield Flower Project
  7. To review progress of Volunteer Activities
    1. To note the next mowing of the meadow at Finch's Fork will be carried out in July, date to be confirmed
    2. To note that hedge laying, including some coppicing for hedge stakes and binders, was carried out on 5th February and it is anticipated that the next exercise will be in the winter, date to be confirmed
  8. To note that subsequent to injecting the Japanese knotweed in July and September 2016 some regrowth was identified by Don Davies and sprayed in June 2017
  9. Chalara Ash Dieback
    1. To note that Ash dieback is now widespread in the bottom of the vale
    2. To consider and agree the options for the future:
      1. leave the wood to its own devises; or
      2. replant or promote existing regrowth
  10. Management of the shrub belt and woodland trail at Ryedale View (in accordance with minute 14080 dated 15 September 2014)
    1. To receive a report from Don Davies
    2. To consider and agree the coppicing of the shrub belt
    3. To review the Management Plan
    4. To cinsider and agree any work arising as necessary
  11. Questions to the Chairman
  12. To note the date of the next meeting will be Monday 9th October 2017 at 11am.

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