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Agenda - Ordinary Meeting of the Town Council 20 July 2015

Issued on 15 July 2015 for a meeting of the Town Council to be held at 7.30 pm on 20 July 2015 in Church House, Kirkbymoorside

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend

Photographing, recording, broadcasting or transmitting the proceedings of a meeting is permitted so long as this does not disrupt the meeting in any way. As a matter of courtesy should you wish to record the meeting please make this known to the Chair.

  1. To receive apologies for absence
  2. To receive Declarations of Interest in items on the agenda
  3. Minutes and Matters Arising
    1. To approve the minutes of the Meeting held on 15 June 2015
    2. To receive teh minutes of the Manor Vale Management Committee meeting held on 14 July 2015
    3. To consider matters arising
  4. Public Session - to allow members of the public to make representations, ask questions and give evidence in respect of any items of business
  5. Discussions with Town, District and County Councillors in respect of questions already posed, and any new matters
  6. To consider financial matters:
    1. To approve cheque payments according to the list provided
    2. To receive the Financial Summary to 30 June 2015
    3. To agree to continue paying for the Yorkshire Post at a quarterly subscription charge of £59.28, increased from £55.64 in November 2014
  7. To consider and agree the grant application submitted by Kirkby On Camera in the amount of £1000 to set up a channel to host the oral histories of Kirkbymoorside
  8. To consider and agree Phase 1 of the street lighting upgrades to replace all concrete lighting columns in compliance with NYCC standards and installation of LED lanterns as approved at the meeting on 17th November 2014
  9. Church House and Library
    1. To receive further information pertaining to the proposal to move the Town Council office to Church House and consider an appropriate response
    2. To receive information received from NYCC with regards to the future of the library
    3. To confirm that the council wishes to be represented in library negotiations by the 'Future of Church House' delegated team
    4. To review the composition of the 'Future of Church House' delegated team
  10. Moorside Room
    1. To note that the blinds will be installed at the Moorside Room on Tuesday 21st July at a total cost of £1250
    2. To receive an update from the Town Clerk on management of the Moorside Room
    3. To consider and agree that exhibitions will be subject to a 25% commission charge with a minimum fee of £30 to cover running costs
    4. To agree that the 'Moorside Room' delegated team is no longer required
  11. To consider and agree to make representation to RDC in respect of leasing the Town Farm car park
  12. To note that the Submission of Ryedale District Community Infrastructure Levy – Draft Charging Schedule document was submitted by RDC for examination on Friday 10th July
  13. To note that the Town Council's RAY membership expires on 22 July 2015 and agree to renew the same at a cost of £35
  14. To consider and agree membership to SLCC at a cost of £12 joining fee and £167 annual charge
  15. To consider and agree training and professional development (CiLCA) fees for the Town Clerk to 'become a qualified clerk' at a cost of £250
  16. To consider and agree to renew the three year contract for the annual service of the church clock at a cost of £456 plus VAT
  17. To consider and agree an appropriate response to concern raised about the speed of vehicles in Kirkby Mills Estate
  18. To note that the Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) annual 100 mile walk will take place in North Yorkshire in May 2017
  19. To note receipt of thanks from Next Steps Mental Health Resource Centre for the grant awarded in the amount of £1,070
  20. To note receipt of thanks from Ryedale Citizens Advice Bureau
  21. Receive the Town Mayor’s Report
  22. Receive reports from Members representing the Town Council at meetings of outside bodies
  23. Receive reports from Members on delegated matters
  24. Receive the Town Clerk's report
  25. Questions to the Chairman
  26. To note the date of the next ordinary meeting of the Town Council on 21 September 2015 at 7.30 pm in Church House

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