Kirkbymoorside Town Council

The Shambles, Crown Square, Kirkbymoorside, York YO62 6AY
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Agenda - 19th October 2015

Issued on 13th October 2015 for a meeting of the Town Council to be held at 7.30pm on 19th October 2015 in Church House, Kirkbymoorside

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend

Photographing, recording, broadcasting or transmitting the proceedings of a meeting is permitted so long as this does not disrupt the meeting in any way. As a matter of courtesy should you wish to record the meeting please make this known to the Chair.

  1. To receive apologies for absence
  2. To receive Declarations of Interest in items on the agenda
  3. Minutes and Matters Arising
    1. To receive and approve the minutes of the Meeting held on 21st September 2015
    2. To receive the minutes of the Manor Vale Management Committee meeting held on 6th October 2015
    3. To consider matters arising
  4. Public Session - to allow members of the public to make representations, ask questions and give evidence in respect of any items of business
  5. Discussions with Town, District and County Councillors in respect of questions already posed, and any new matters
  6. To consider financial matters:
    1. To approve cheque payments according to the list provided
    2. To receive the Financial Summary to 30 September 2015
  7. To receive a brief presentation by Jan Devos, the appointed agent for the Spaunton Estate, with regards to proposals to alter the common land boundaries within the Spaunton Quarry site and consider a suitable response
  8. Vehicle Activated Signs(VAS)
    1. To consider and agree to the installation of temporary vehicle activated signs(VAS)that display a 30 or 40mph speed limit at a cost of £3500 + VAT for one sign or £4000 + VAT for two signs
    2. To consider and agree site(s) for installation of the temporary vehicle activated signs
  9. Insurance Renewal
    1. To review the summary of sums insured prior to the renewal of the Insurance on 1 November 2015
    2. To note the announcement made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his Summer Budget that with effect from 1st November 2015 the rate at which the Government levies Insurance Premium Tax will increase from 6% to 9.5%
    3. To note that the 3 year Long Term Agreement with Aviva falls for renewal in November 2016
    4. To note that WPS Insurance Brokers have successfully negotiated with Aviva to renew the 3 Year Long Term Agreement a year earlier
    5. To consider and agree to renew the 3 Year Long Term Agreement at a renewal premium rate of 2,509.93 inclusive of 9.5% insurance premium tax
  10. Winter Service - Grit Bins and Heaps Review
    1. To note the proposed revisions to the provision of grit bins and grit heaps
    2. To consider and agree sites for referral to the Highways Officer for re-assessment
  11. The Royal British Legion Remembrance Service and Parade, Sunday 8th November 2015
    1. To note receipt of an invitation by The Royal British Legion to take part in the Remembrance Service and Parade
    2. To note that RBL Deputy Lieutenant Alexandra Holford will be in attendance
    3. To agree a sum to contribute towards a wreath under s137 of the Local Government Act 1972
  12. To consider the draft content and layout of the Kirkbymoorside Information Panel and provide any comments for revision prior to production
  13. To consider and agree a ceiling figure of £500 to redecorate the Town Council office at The Shambles based on estimates of £400 labour and £100 materials
  14. To note that the Town Mayor has had no engagements since the last meeting
  15. To receive reports from Members representing the Town Council at meetings of outside bodies
  16. To receive reports from Members on delegated matters
  17. To receive the Town Clerk's report
  18. Questions to the Chairman
  19. To note the date of the next meeting on 16th November 2015 at 7.30pm in Church House

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