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Agenda - Ordinary Meeting of the Town Council 18th June 2018

Issued on 12th June 2018 for a meeting of the Town Council to be held at 7.30pm on 18th June 2018 in Church House, Kirkbymoorside

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend

Photographing, recording, broadcasting or transmitting the proceedings of a meeting is permitted so long as this does not disrupt the meeting in any way. As a matter of courtesy should you wish to record the meeting please make this known to the Chair.

  1. To receive apologies for absence
  2. To receive Declarations of Interest in items on the agenda
  3. Minutes and Matters Arising
    1. To receive the minutes of the Annual Town meeting held on 8th May 2018
    2. To receive and approve the minutes of the Meeting held on 21st May 2018
    3. To consider matters arising
  4. Public Session - to allow members of the public to make representations, ask questions and give evidence in respect of any items of business
  5. Discussions with Town, District and County Councillors in respect of questions already posed, and any new matters
  6. To consider financial matters:
    1. To approve cheque payments according to the list provided
    2. To receive the Financial Summary to 31st May 2018
  7. Grants
    1. To consider and agree the grant application submitted by Next Steps Mental Health Resource Centre for £1560.00 to pay for the annual rent for the Kirkbymoorside programmes
    2. To consider and agree the grant application submitted by Kirkbymoorside Land Art Project for £170.00 to contribute towards the cost of materials for the 'Evolution of Kirkbymoorside Man' land art in May 2018
    3. To consider and agree the grant application submitted by Kirkbymoorside Land Art Project for £300.00 to complete and promote a video showreel
    4. To consider and agree the grant application submitted by Kirkbymoorside Land Art Project in conjunction with Kirkbymoorside Youth Club for £250.00 to contribute towards the cost of materials for the Community Art Day in July 2018
  8. Ryedale Plan
    1. To note that the examination of the Ryedale Plan - Local Plan Sites Document will be held over two weeks commencing Tuesday 25th September 2018
    2. To consider and agree either:
      1. to nominate a member to make representation orally at the examination hearings; or
      2. to make written representation
  9. Black Swan
    1. To note that matter of the poor state of the Black Swan has been further escalated by Ryedale District Council and the proprietor has been requested to carry out works to remedy the poor external condition of the building
    2. Pursuant to minute 18026 the extent of RDC's power to enforce repairs to historic buildings is to take action under Section 215 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
    3. To note that information has been received from the Operations Manager, LT Management Services Limited, confirming that NewRiver are planning an investment at the Black Swan and are in the process of completing the recruitment process as governed by the Code of Practice
  10. NYCC Highways & Transportation
    1. To receive correspondence from NYCC Highways with regards to traffic concerns on West End and agree a response
    2. To note that NYCC Highways have carried out a risk and safety assessment of the 2no. silver birch trees on Piercy End and 1no. silver birch on High Market Place and receive the recommendations of the Tree and Countryside Officer
  11. To note Yorkshire Housing's intention to sell the block of garages at Ryedale View and to consider relocation of the mosaics from Ryedale View play area
  12. To note that CPALC is no longer in operation and consider and agree membership to the Local Council Public Advisory Service (LCPAS) at a cost of £200 per annum
  13. To note the #DontBeAWaster – Reduce, Reuse, Respect campaign is turning its attention to the theme of fly-tipping throughout June
  14. To consider an agree to purchase a Red Ensign at a cost of £28 and to fly the same on Merchant Navy Day, 3rd September
  15. To acknowledge thanks received from Kirkbymoorside Environment Group for the grant in the amount of £250 towards the printing of the Shopping Guide
  16. To note receipt of an email submission by a member of the public and the Town Clerk's response addressing all matters raised
  17. To receive information on the Plastic-Free initiative and “stub it, bin it” campaign
  18. To receive the Town Mayor's Report
  19. To receive reports from Members representing the Town Council at meetings of outside bodies and on delegated matters
  20. To receive the Town Clerk's report
  21. Questions to the Chair
  22. To note the date of the next meeting on 16th July 2018 at 7.30pm in Church House

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