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Agenda - Ordinary Meeting of the Town Council 15th June 2020

Issued on 10th June 2020 for a meeting of the Town Council to be held remotely via Zoom at 7pm on Monday 15th June 2020

Meeting access details:

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Meeting ID: 983 5582 8333 Password: 254941

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Members of the press and public are welcome to attend

Recording the proceedings of a meeting is permitted so long as this does not disrupt the meeting in any way. As a matter of courtesy should you wish to record the meeting please make this known to the Chair.

  1. To receive apologies for absence
  2. To receive Declarations of Interest in items on the agenda
  3. Minutes and Matters Arising
    1. To receive and approve the draft minutes of the Meeting held on 18th May 2020 and the 2019/20 Mayors Report (Appendix A)
    2. To consider matters arising
  4. Public Session - to allow members of the public to make representations, ask questions and give evidence in respect of any items of business
  5. Discussions with Town, District and County Councillors in respect of questions already posed, and any new matters
  6. Community Support
    1. To receive an update from a representative of the Community Support Organisation (CSO), pursuant to Minute 20021
    2. To receive the draft SWOT analysis for Kirkbymoorside in respect of the Community Connect - Ryedale approach to community efforts and addressing isolation and agree any additions/revisions
    3. To note the response from Ryedale Federation with regards to the arrangements for families eligible for a free school meal, pursuant to Minute 20021
  7. To consider financial matters:
    1. To note the monthly subscription charge of £14.39 (incl VAT) to facilitate remote meetings of the Council and its committees via Zoom, in accordance with The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020
    2. To note the following expenditure from the Mayors Allowance (2019/20 allowance determined at minute 19011 dated 20th May 2019 - no expenditure incurred; 2020/21 allowance determined at minute 20008 dated 16th May 2020):
      1. 'Celebrating Kirkbymoorside's Community Spirit' feature in the June issue of the Handymag at a cost of £100.80
      2. Printing of 100no. bespoke thank you cards at a cost of £65.00
    3. To note the cost of £5.00 for the spring planting of the flower tub located at the Christmas tree manhole on Market Place and agree to delegate authority to the Town Clerk to make payment of future maintenance costs of the planter from petty cash provided expenditure is with the budget provisions of budget code 10
    4. To report accounts paid since the last meeting of the Council and to approve cheque payments according to the list provided
    5. To receive the Financial Summary to 31st May 2020
    6. To consider closure of account number 51387707 balance £0.00
  8. Town Council Standing Orders and Charges
    1. To review the Standing Orders and agree any changes as necessary
    2. To review the Financial Standing Orders and agree any changes as necessary
    3. To consider the period of Exclusive Right of Burial to a period not exceeding 100 years and to review the charges for the Exclusive Right of Burial from 1 April 2020
    4. To review the Cemetery charges and agree any changes as necessary
    5. To revise the Town Council Burial Ground Policy as appropriate
  9. Grant Applications
    1. To consider the grant application submitted by All Saints Parish Church for £3000 to contribute towards the cost maintenance of All Saints graveyard and Millennium Garden
    2. To consider the grant application submitted by Kirkbymoorside Community Library (CLIC) for £1300 to contribute to the cost of cleaning Church House
  10. Vehicle Activated Traffic Signs
    1. To note that pursuant to Minute 20020 dated 18th May 2020 the application to the NYCC Environment Budget in the amount of £2500 to contribute to the cost of vehicle activated signs has been awarded by County Councillor Val Arnold
    2. To consider expenditure of the balance of project costs in the amount of £3,327.50 + the VAT for the full project costs to install 2no. vehicle activated traffic signs on the A170
  11. NALC & YLCA
    1. To receive the NALC Guidance - Compliance with the Public Sector Bodies(websites and mobile applications)(No. 2) Accessibility Regulations, 2018
    2. To appoint two representatives to the YLCA Branch
    3. To note the Ryedale Branch Annual Meeting on 2nd July 2020
    4. To consider attendance of councillors and the clerk to YLCA webinars and delegate authority to the clerk, due to the current situation, to approve the cost of training from the training budget, all costs to be reported at the next available council meeting
  12. To note that emergency tree works have been carried out at the sports field to make safe a large fallen limb on Ash tree and to prune the ripped limb back to the branch collar at a cost of £320 + VAT in accordance with Financial Standing Order 3.4
  13. Old road play area
    1. To note the installation of signage at the play areas, in accordance with government guidance dated 13th May 2020, pursuant to minute 20015
    2. To note the installation of additional signage at the skatepark, in accordance with government guidance dated 1st June 2020
    3. To note receipt of information from Environmental Art with regards to re-commencement of works to the basketball court: temporary security fence will be installed on 29th June 2020; works will commence upon delivery of materials from galvanisers by Wednesday 1st July
  14. To consider the cost of £100 to clear the vegetation alongside the full length of the public footpath leading from West End to Feversham Drive, through Wainds Field to Nevilles Walk and Piercy End
  15. To consider inviting members of the public to participate in arrangements for a town event when government guidance allows
  16. To receive the Hidden Disabilities poster and press release to promote the scheme throughout Ryedale
  17. Planning
    1. To receive the 9 proposed street names for the Manor Woods development, 17/01449/MREM, and agree a response to the Planning Authority as appropriate
    2. To review planning applications:
      1. 20/00433/HOUSE | Erection of two storey extension following part demolition of existing ground floor extension and installation of dormer window to southern elevation | West Leigh West Lund Lane Kirkbymoorside YO62 6AH
      2. 20/00412/HOUSE | Erection of single storey rear garden room extension | Kings Lea Vivers Place Kirkbymoorside YO62 6EA
    3. To note the planning decision in respect of planning application 20-00235-FULDecision| Change of use of part of a light industrial unit (Use Class B1) to a hot food takeaway (Use Class A5) | 30 Dove Way Kirkby Mills Industrial Estate Kirkbymoorside North Yorkshire YO62 6QR Approved
  18. To receive the Town Mayor's Report
  19. To receive reports from Members representing the Town Council at meetings of outside bodies and on delegated matters
  20. To receive the Town Clerk's report
  21. Questions to the Chair
  22. To note the date of the next meeting on 20th July 2020 at 7.30pm, venue/accessibility to be confirmed.

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