Kirkbymoorside Town Council

Staffing Committee Terms of Reference

  1. Line management of the town clerk and Assistant Town Clerk (to include appraisals; meetings from time to time to discuss workload and conditions to ensure the council is exercising a duty of care for its employee)
  2. To take all action necessary to advertise, select and interview candidates to make an appointment within budgetary constraints.
  3. To consider and deal with grievance and disciplinary issues (staff related)
  4. To be responsible for the development and training of staff to ensure that they have capacity to do their job
  5. To determine the staffing levels necessary to efficiently discharge the work required by the council and to review the work loads periodically and report any recommendations for change to full council.
  6. To determine the pay and conditions of employment of the clerk and Assistant Town Clerk and to review and update these as necessary to comply with the law and  with good practice and to recommend such review and updates to full council for adoption
  7. To ensure the Health and Safety of staff employed by providing appropriate working spaces, tools and equipment and to train staff as necessary to safeguard their health & safety at work.
  8. To undertake reviews of working practices and procedures of the Council as a whole when so requested and to make recommendations to Full Council.
  9. The Staffing Committee will have four members, all members of the Council.
  10. The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Town Council will be appointed as ex officio members and two other members will be appointed.
  11. The quorum will be three members.
  12. The Staffing Committee will review its membership annually at the Annual Meeting of the town council in May.
  13. The Staffing Committee will appoint the Chairman of the Town Council as its Chairman.
  14. The Staffing Committee will ratify its own minutes and then send these to Full Council for information only.
  15. The Staffing Committee’s minutes will be taken by a member of the Staffing Committee.
  16. The Staffing Committee will follow the rules for convening its meetings as those applied to meetings of the Full Council.
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