Kirkbymoorside Town Council

Planning Committee

Purpose: To deal with all planning applications except major developments, which will be considered by the town council, to deal with any other planning matters, and to deal with anything relating to planning that is referred to the committee by Kirkbymoorside Town Council itself.

Decision Making Powers: Yes

Number of Members: Maximum 7 councillors

Quorum: 3 councillors.

Chairman: The Committee will have the power to elect a chairman who will be elected at the first meeting.

Secretariat Services: Town Clerk or the Assistant to the Town Clerk

Meetings: The Committee will follow the rules for convening its meetings as those applied to meetings of the full Council

Standing Orders: The Town Council’s Standing Orders will apply to the Committee.

Membership: To be reviewed annually at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council.

Reporting to Full Council: Minutes to be received and endorsed by the Council.

Expenditure: Any expenditure must have prior approval by the Council

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